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College Students In Minnesota Bet On Blackjack

Blackjack is among the favorite of college students. One reason behind this is that gambling has been acceptable in the American culture for years. 48 states have already legalized gambling in a few forms.

Blackjack is one game that some states have legalized. Gaming has spread so easily among different states of the United States. College students didn't fail to notice this rising popularity of blackjack games.

40,000 students from Minnesota are in the class of of 2006. 90 percent of the college students have played blackjack amongst their pasttimes. The ratio shows one out of the 20 students borrow money to bet on blackjack.

Aside from legalizing blackjack in some states in the US, media plays a big role also in introducing blackjack among students. Media has added to blackjack's glamour. They have given the college students ideas of how entertaining and enjoyable playing blackjack can be.

College students have their freedom set and they have a financial freedom over themselves. Money is not a huge problem among college students, so they can bet to blackjack whenever they please.

People in authority are doing their best to put into action the help they can render to college students who are addicted to blackjack gambling.


Saturday, September 16 , 2006
Tim Arnell