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Colorado Gaming Control Board Approves 6-to-5 Payout Change for Blackjack

The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission on February 18th, 2010 passed a rule change that would permit the state's casino facilities to offer blackjack enthusiasts a six-to-five payout in the game instead of the current three-to-two payout. The chance would scale down the payoff on a winning $10 bet from $15 to $12.

Casino gaming operators said that the change would give them the chance to offer single-deck-blackjack games. A blackjack game that uses a single deck of cards offer players better odds than multi-deck blackjack games, so the scaled down payout keeps the casinos' revenue in balance-although there is nothing in the change of the gaming rule to prevent the smaller being utilized across the board.

The executive director of the Colorado Gaming Associaton, Lois Rice, predicted competitive would keep gaming facilities from switching to the six-to-five payout scheme en masse. Rice compared it to the odds slot machines, where casino facilities are allowed to keep as much as twenty percent of all bets. Rice added that to keep gamers coming, casino facilities usually hold only six-seven percent of slot wagers.

The general manager of the Gold Rush Casino in Cripple Creek, Mike Hirsch, said that he would be surprised to see six-to-five blackjack games become a common occurrence.


Wednesday, March 03 , 2010
Thomas Johnson