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Crown Casino Could Face Heavy Fines if Proven Guilty of Changing Their Blackjack Rules in Bad Faith

As of May 9, 2007, Crown Casino, a Melbourne based casino owned by Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd. (PBL), is in danger of facing an in-depth investigation conducted by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation after the company modified their rules regarding the game of blackjack.

If the Victorian Commission finds the Crown Casino guilty of violating the rules, it could face a fine of 1 million Australian dollars. The Crown Casino changed their Blackjack rules on April 16, 2007 without informing their customers via their online site, a mistake which violates Casino Control Act 1991.

Casino Control Act 1991 states that all changes made in blackjack rules must be known and duly approved by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation. Peter Cohen, the Chief Executive of the Commission, said that Crown Casino is required to make the rules available on their online site for their customers.

Cohen added that they will review the current rules and then see if the game is being played accordingly. The changes made by Crown Casino caused blackjack players to lose around $0.70 per every $100 they bet compared to the $0.50 on the previous regulation.

Analysts believe that the casino could earn an additional $6 million annually due to the rule change. The Crown Casino operates a monopoly in the area because it is the only casino in Melbourne. Hence, people believe that the casino is taking advantage of the fact that they are the sole casino in the area.


Tuesday, May 29 , 2007
Victor Sanchez