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Crown Casino Officials Changes the Odds on its Blackjack Tables

Crown Casino must be really feeling the effects of the financial crisis. Why else would the casino announced on November 2nd, 2009 that they are changing the odds on their blackjack casino table from six-four to six-five for hitting a blackjack? That is a question that most Crown Casino players would like answered.

Michael Butler said that he believes that there is no other reason other than the desire to earn more. Butler said that Crown did not change the odds at the high roller blackjack tables, which means that only casual players will be affected with the change. Crown Casino officials are making the change at all $5 and $10 blackjack table. It is a decision that is expected to bring millions of dollars in for the organization while handcuffing players at the same time.

The change in blackjack odds is just the latest decision made by Crown Casino to improve their odds. Last year, Crown Casino made a change to the odds of their roulette that affected gamblers. The casino facility place an additional house numbers that has substantially improved their odds. Another change being made to Crown Casino's blackjack games is that casino dealers will now have to hit a soft seventeen instead of just standing.

Ron Parsons, the owner of the teaching school said that none of these change where applied in the high-roller rooms because Crown Casino would never get away with it. Parsons said that the Asian high-roller would head home in groups. He added that the new changes are designed to rip off an inexperienced blackjack player.

The Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation has given its approval to the blackjack rule change but that is of little comfort to those players who feel that they are being cheated. Crown Casino has already been accused of getting preferential treatment from the Brumbry Government.


Tuesday, November 24 , 2009
Tim Arnell