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Cryptologic Releases New Online Games

On May 13th, 2009, Cryptologic Limited is a leader in the online casino gaming industry and branded online gambling software. They have recently announced that they have release new downloadable games like the video slot version of the "Jenga" game and Buccaneers Bounty. They have also launched their brand new Four-Deck Atlantic City blackjack game.

Brian Hadfield, Cryptologic's President and Chief Executive Officer said that adding a well-loved classic like "Jenga" to their gaming line-up is another good example of their ability to take one of the most popular casual games and make them into a fantastic casino game. He added that their strength lies in making interest e-gaming changes that will benefit both of their players and customers. Jenga is a board game that is simple to learn and will allow players to exercise their mental skills because it is also a strategy game.

The new video slots Jenga game features eighteen paylines and gamers can choose either nine or eighteen lines. The maximum cash prize for the game is fifty thousand coins per game. Another brand new video slot game made by Cryptologic is the "Buccaneer's Bounty". It is a good game for anyone that wants a pirate-themed game. You can play as the pirate or as the person defending the island. It has twenty paylines and features two bonus rounds.

Players can take home as much as 6,000 times on what they have originally wagered. In Four Deck Atlantic City Blackjack, the dealer is handed a second card before the participants finish their card hands. The overall percentage of their payout is bigger with a higher minimum wager than the usual blackjack game.


Wednesday, June 03 , 2009
Victor Sanchez