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CyberArts Debuts Online Blackjack and Chinese Poker 1/3 Game

Software maker CyberArts licensing, the maker of the Foundation gaming software platform, will be showcasing blackjack and Chinese poker/thirteen Cards at stand 202 during the European I-Gaming Expo and Congress on October 2nd, 2007-October 4th, 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

The gaming software will be licensed to online gambling operators all over the world who want to make online blackjack or Chinese poker 1/3 for both cash and free play that is funded by sponsors or subscription profits.

The Chief Executive of CyberArts Chris Derossi, a card player and the author of Internet Poker for Dummies, said that like other CyberArts games they have done everything to make their games standout from other games. Their blackjack game supports a lot of players at one table against the casino with an option for chatting.

Gambling operators have full control over the whole game and tournament like the time of each game and number of gamblers that are participating in the game. Some of the features of blackjack are the option for players to play against the casino and playing one or more hands at a time.

It also supports multiple blackjack rounds tournament. Players can also play against any player in the tournament and other features. Company head Ken Arnold said that recent staff acquisitions allowed them to offer different games faster than before. They are very excited about offering Chinese poker 1/3 because it is very in demand in the Asian gaming market.

Players only need to have the basic skill in poker hand rankings to participate in the game. Players receive thirteen cards and divide it into three hands. Players then announces on whether or not they will play their card hand.

Players get a single unit from the hand of their opponents that they have beaten. Like any other CyberArts products, the games are integrated into the gambling platform of CyberArts. This gives the gaming operators the option to use a flexible interface that features different features, languages and a whole lot more.


Tuesday, October 02 , 2007
Victor Sanchez