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Biography of Dave Stann

Whether you know him as “Hollywood” Dave Stan or “The Undisputed Bad Boy of blackjack” Dave Stann is a TV personality, Troll Doll collector and blackjack whiz all wrapped up in a Mensa member package – Dave Stann is unforgettable, comical, young, hopeful and brilliant.

Dave comes from a part Sicilian family and grew up in Cleveland, where one of his earliest memories was playing - and losing - Rummy with his grandfather. This love of games blossomed during Stann’s teenage years when he mastered chess as well as more conventional teenage past-times such as pinball. Stann was always more interested in the arts than in math, but due to outside pressure joined Mensa during this stage of his life.

Stann’s attraction to the arts however couldn’t be suppressed for long, and it was in Theatre that he graduated from Kent State University with an Honors BFA degree, and went on to found his own postmodern theater company. Following this he followed his heart to LA in order to pursue the acting career he had always dreamt of. It was in LA that Stann realized his talent at the Blackjack table – finding it a welcome alternative to making money waiting tables or bartending. It didn’t take Stann long to internalize every advantage-player manual he could get his hands on, and within a very short time Stann was making his living at the tables either in LA or Vegas. For Stann, the blackjack however was just the moneymaker; it was in acting that his heart and future lay. However, blackjack as a moneymaking hobby only took a turn for the unexpected in 2004 when Stann took second place in the GSN World Series of Blackjack, beating some of the best in the business. Stann maintains that his strategy was all calculation, simply figuring the odds.

With Stann’s win also came his reputation as the “bad boy of blackjack” – to play blackjack is similar to how one approaches the poker table; it's an altogether tougher, fiercer mind-set. This, it’s been said, has had a ripple effect throughout the game and contributed to it’s increased competitive streak and amplified spectator interest.

The rest, as they say, is history. Dave Stann has been involved with gambling, television, has co-hosted two seasons of Celebrity Blackjack, and been involved in numerous other television projects including Vegas Challenge, Caesar’s 24/7, and Anything to Win, plus a number of cameos and a resident slot on King of Vegas. Stann has also recently made his first literary contribution, Hollywood Blackjack, which covers both advice and technical know-how as well as scintillating insights into Stann’s impressive and unprecedented rise to casino fame.

Stann enjoys his life and success tremendously, but he has never forgotten his original dream and continues to audition on a daily basis – in-between TV appearances, jet set blackjack trips and poker tournaments that is!

Tim Arnell