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Biography of David Matthews

Like so many other professional gamblers David Matthews has added writing to his repertoire. For the All In magazine he writes articles on online blackjack and tournament strategy. He has also been published at Get21's Learn from the Pros section.

David Matthews made the greatest noise when he won the Ultimate Blackjack Tour's tournament of champions. He beat all the great champions in front of a big TV audience. Elimination Blackjack was fairly new at that point which meant that not even the greatest professionals were that skilled in it. Matthews like the element of bluffing which doesn't play a big role in the regular blackjack tournament. In elimination blackjack the secret bet gives many more opportunities to bluff.

The victory on the Ultimate Blackjack tour changed Matthews's life. He won respect from the whole blackjack community. He wasn't just the champion, he was the first champion of the tour. This and his proven skills made him somewhat of a hero which he relished. Another big change was, of course, the prize money. With his newly acquired fortune he could update his car, house and suddenly he was invited to more blackjack tournaments and special parties.

David Matthews keeps his level by regularly playing in tournaments online. By playing five to ten tournaments a week he gets the practice he recommends to anyone wishing to excel in this game. He also encourages reading up on the subject. His own favorite books are Casino Tournament Strategy by Stanford Wong and Play to Win by Ken Einiger.

Even though it is clear that David Matthews is a skilled player he says himself that most of his success is due to luck. He admits that skill is part of it but he maintains that no player without luck has ever made it big.

Matthews spent a lot of time in submarines. He was in a nuclear submarine for 365 days and he has also spent 52 days in a row underwater. His interest in the natural elements doesn't stop at that - he enjoys being in nature just watching the landscape. Add swimming, reading, writing and long rides in his car to that and you see that Matthews is a person with many skills and areas of interest.

If David Matthews gets it his way, the future holds more gaming and writing. He wants to set up a website that is devoted to blackjack and he is thinking about writing a book. Still, gambling isn't the most important part of life to Matthews. He sees gambling as something fun and as a good way of making an income but in the end of the day it is those that he loves that matters the most. He hopes that he will make them and the world pleased with who he is and maybe the gambling world will get some good entertainment while he's at it.

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