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Online Blackjack FAQ – Deposits and Withdrawals

How do I make a deposit into an online casino account?

Placing a deposit at your blackjack account is very easy, but you must be sure that you follow the exact rules of the procedure as published by the casino. Each online casino has its own way of depositing cash into their "real-money account" except they all resemble eventually so don't get nervous about it.

Just log into your online blackjack account and simply choose "money mode" (or any other phrase that resembles it such as "play for real money" et cetera). After clicking that option you will be given the selection to pick a certain paying method. Simply follow your online casino's instructions and that's it!

Online Payment Methods

In the past, transferring money over the internet was considered risky, but today payment methods are using advanced encryption techniques and secured data-transmitting algorithms that ensure maximum security. There are many payment methods by which you can deposit money into your online blackjack account.

During the past few years internet payment methods had evolved rapidly and today you have many methods to pick from. Online casinos accept money by numerous ways. all you have to do is to pick the best one for you (which isn't always easy). The following payment methods are the most popular and most user-friendly you can find:

  • Visa and MasterCard- Most online casinos would accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards but there are few setbacks when using this payment method: there are many banks that disallow their cardholders from making transactions with online casino. Also, credit card companies impose restrictions upon the amount you may deposit and withdraw to and from an online casino. The benefit of using Visa or Master card is that you can deposit sums in many currencies.

    From the 1st of January 2004 Visa International and MasterCard International have placed many restriction upon the online casino industry, mainly due to pressure made by the US Department of Justice, these restriction narrow down online casinos' option for crediting your bank account, even if the sum you wish to withdraw is equal to your initial deposit. That's why most online casinos would give you benefits for using other payment methods such as Neteller

  • Neteller - It's an online transaction service regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom, "Neteller provides a financial platform that facilitates person-to-merchant financial transactions" as stated in Neteller's site. This payment service is fast, easy and many times online casinos offer special benefits to Neteller's users such as bigger bonuses for depositing with Neteller. Neteller offers you an option to pay in many currencies, it's also the fastest online payment method there is .

    You can transfer money to your Neteller account very easily by a credit card, electronic fund transfer (EFC/ACH) or bank wires. Notice that Neteller is not available for individuals from certain countries such as Poland, Romania, Russian Federation Maryland, Albania, Armenia, Algeria and so on. The complete list is available at Neteller's domain.

  • FirePay - A popular payment method that works like a credit card – you deposit money into your FirePay account after logging into FirePay's Site. After doing so you can transfer money from your FirePay's account straight into your online blackjack casino.

    Notice that FirePay cannot accept credit cards and you'll need to transfer money by ACH or E-checks but you would need to have a bank account in the US. You can also transfer money directly from your bank account. The process of depositing money at FirePay usually takes 2-3 business days. You may receive e-mail confirmation of your purchases which is a great advantage. You can also pay in many currencies.

  • CentralCoin - An instant and dynamic online payment method that allows you to set up to 3 different accounts. This service is accessible to US residents for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CentralCoin offers customer support 24 7, a great benefit for online gamblers that sometimes run into trouble while trying to depositing or withdraw money from online casinos.

    CentralCoin accepts funds from US bank accounts and you'll need to provide your social security number and your driver license as well. This service is highly secured and it allows you to deposit high sums of money at online casinos. For more information please view CentralCoin's website.

  • Click2Pay - Click to play is an international payment community that connects individuals and online merchants. It's simple, efficient and quick and for these reason it's one of the most popular online payment methods. In order to register all you need is a valid email address and your credit card's details.

    Click2Pay has free 24/7 customer service and there website is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese. After transferring money to your Click2Pay account your bank account would be charged after 2-3 business days. The best feature of Click2Play is that you can use it from anywhere on the planet.

Time for Processing a Deposit

Online casinos don't take much time in processing an online money deposit if you use online payment services such as Click2Pay or Neteller. Other payment methods might require some patience. Processing a deposit of money by personal checks or bank drafts can take a while since these must travel to reach your online casino's main office and that can take a week or so. Also the checks and bank drafts are needed to be cleared, which takes about 10 days. Sometimes you'll need to wait 21 days before your online blackjack account would be credited.

Credit cards deposits are much more easily handled than personal checks or bank drafts: it takes about 3-4 minutes for the transaction to be made and shortly after your funds would be available in your online casino account.

A deposit of money by Wire Transfer would take about 2 days to reach your online casino's bank account. The casino's bank would notify your casino instantly. Then you would find funds in your online casino account. Very simple it is, just make sure you do it correctly since it's more easy to avoid a mistake than fixing one.

Withdrawing Money from an Online Casino Account

Withdrawing money from your online casino account is very easy and each online casino offers it own way for crediting your bank account, simply go through their instructions. You should be aware that most online casinos do not automatically credit your banking account since Visa International has made it impossible for them to do so.

As online casinos cannot use credit card payment methods to credit your bank account you can withdraw funds by alternative payment methods such as FirePay, Click2Pay, Neteller and so on. Such transactions take few days but they are very reliable.

Some online casinos do not credit by online payment methods, even if you have deposited money by such means, they would rather send you a check by mail. They consider it as the best way to transfer funds in a secure way straight into your hands, but sometimes it might be irritating to wait for a check from your online casino. When you choose your online blackjack casino, make sure that its payment methods are the right ones for you.