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DEQ Debuts Lucky Player Jackpot for Blackjack Market

On October 8th, 2008, DEQ Systems Corporation, a known provider of casino table games bonusing and loyalty solutions announced that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has given their approval for DEQ's Lucky Player Jackpot system for commercialization in Nevada. The Lucky Player Jackpot is considered to be the next generation casino table games bonusing system and a brand new source of excitement and entertainment in the casino gaming floor.

The Lucky Player Jackpot is the very first semi-automated table casino game bonusing system and it is specially designed for minimum impact on the game pace. The bonusing system is independent of the game and feature different types of bonuses from big hit frequency mysteries to substantial monetary rewards to ensure that gamers feel the same excitement for their dollar that the slot machine bonusing segment gives. Earle G. Hall, the President and Chief Executive Officer of DEQ said that blackjack division of the casino table games industry is really in need of a brand new profit source.

The Lucky Player Jackpot is a completely independent bonusing system that is specially made for the blackjack market because of its one-of-a kind automation in the reward payout to ensure that the base game is not affected at all. The ROI model for this blackjack product is demonstrated on the online site of DEQ and they hope that casino managers will utilize this tool to calculate the increased revenue that this system can give. The Lucky Player jackpot will be on view at the Global Gaming Expo in booth 3930 together with other performance based gaming products like the EZ Baccarat(TM) , Real Link(TM) and the G3(TM) .


Tuesday, November 18 , 2008
Tim Arnell