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Devilfish Casinos Double Exposure Blackjack

Devilfish Casino launched a brand new innovation in online blackjack on March 15th, 2010: Double Exposure, where both cards of the dealer are shown to the players.

Aside from that, six slots at the European Masters of Blackjack event that are up for grabs during the months of March, April and May, where the winners of the blackjack tournament will take home cash prizes and the top finisher will take home 6,000 euros.

Unlike the standard game of blackjack, in Double Exposure blackjack, both the casino dealer's cards are showing, permitting the layer to make an informed decision on whether to stay, double down, hit, stay or split. This makes for a significant gamer intrigue in blackjack, as it increases the player's knowledge and changes strategy of the game in an intriguing way.

Devilfish Partners will be offering a new series of blackjack banners for Double Exposure, commission incentives and an interview with Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott discussing his blackjack career with additional tips on how to be a better player in blackjack.

Paul Barnes of Devilfish Partners said that they are very confident that this will be an excellent promotion for their gaming affiliates.

Barnes said that this new innovation in how to play online blackjack opens the door for new players. He said that with the opportunity to win a slot at the European Masters of Blackjack tournament, they are certain that they are going to see a lot of player traffic by way of their affiliates.

Aside from the launched of Double Exposure blackjack, Devilfish has launched a major promotion for the European Masters of Blackjack tournament taking place in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria from July 28th, 2010 to August 1st, 2010.

Six blackjack players will be competing for the EMOB (European Master of Blackjack) title, with all six players guaranteed to take home a cash prize, from 500 euros for 6th place up to 6,000 euros for the champion.

Players can win two seats at the EMOB in March, April and May, for the participant with best payout percentage and the participant that has the most blackjack during the month.

The CEO of Income Access, Nicky Senyard, said that they are happy to be collaborating with Devilfish regarding Double Exposure blackjack. He added that they consider Devilfish a valuable partner since the company brings one-of-a kind innovation that keeps players and affiliates entertained every month.

Devilfish utilizes a white label example of the Income Access affiliate marketing software solution to support their affiliate program. Detailed reporting and detailed statistics are readily available and make sure that affiliates have all the information that they need to create successful marketing campaigns.

The Income Access software permits the partners of Devilfish to extend their experience and knowledge to their affiliates.


Tuesday, April 13 , 2010
Tim Arnell