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DISH Network To Air Gamblers Guide To Online Poker And Blackjack

August 16, The Players Network, Inc announced that they will give DISH viewers their first-ever pay-per-view Double Feature. The Players Network will give its viewers "Gamblers Guide to Online Poker and blackjack."

Viewers can catch the "Gamblers Guide to Online Poker and Blackjack" on DISH Network Pay-Per-View. However, they can only view this if they purchase the Double Feature.

Viewers will definitely benefit from watching "Gamblers Guide to Online Poker and Blackjack". They will learn ultimate tactics in winning the game, the secrets inside poker and blackjack. The winning style for playing both poker and blackjack will also be revealed here.

The Players Network is expanding their horizons. They are venturing out into Pay Per View Programming. Many will have the chance to catch this show and enjoy their learning from poker and blackjack.

The Series of Pay-per-view's "Gamblers Guide" was aired from August 7 and will continue until August 26, 2006. The show will run all day at an All Day DISH Ticket. This is the first time it will be aired as a double feature. The Second one is still undecided yet. The event will take play place for 24 hours allowing customers the chance to watch it how many times they wish to.

Michael Berk, Players Network's President of Production, said, "We're excited about adding Pay Per View to our VOD, Broadband, and new media programming distribution. Just like Vegas casinos. Players Network enjoys the 'House Edge', collecting revenue for providing consumers with fun, exciting gaming entertainment."


Monday, November 13 , 2006
Emma Green