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Biography of Don Schlesinger

To be a skilled blackjack player it is a great advantage to have a talent for math. Don Schlesinger is a gaming mathematician which clearly demonstrates the connection between high level blackjack gaming and the understanding of math. He is also an author and lecturer whereby he shares his insight to those looking to reach his level or just interested in how he did it. His books give a detailed introduction to how Schlesinger got into the gaming.

Don Schlesinger started his gaming career in the spring of 1975 in Las Vegas. With a B.S. degree in mathematics from the City College of New York it came natural to him to start playing blackjack. In order to improve his gaming he bought and read Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere. By reading this book he taught himself how to count and he learned the skill well. Still, blackjack has remained a hobby for Schlesinger.

As a professional Don Schlesinger worked as a teacher in math and French in New York City. He switched choice of career in 1984 and started to work on Wall Street in an investment bank. Once he retired blackjack was allowed more space in his life and he has since then focused on writing, teaching and researching the subject. He claims that anyone with the right motivation can do well if they only put in the effort to learn how to do the card counting.

Schlesinger's research has evolved around optimal betting, team play, risk analysis and card counting. He is the man behind the "Illustrious 18" which is an abridged set of efficient card counting indices. He has published his results not only in his own work but also through the words of other leading blackjack authors. To mention a few, he has worked with Arnold Snyder, Karel Janecek, Stanford Wong and Edward O. Thorp. He has also published many of his findings in the magazine Blackjack Forum.

Don Schlesinger's book Blackjack Attack – Playing the Pro's Way is considered one of the greatest studies of the game. The experts even go as far as to say that no greater work in its field has been produced. The book goes into detail about card counting and all that is included in the lifestyle of a serious player that wishes to make it in casinos playing blackjack. The book is not well suited for beginners as a previous knowledge of card counting is needed to understand it.

Don Schlesinger has stayed in the New York area where he lives with his wife and two children. Except for an occasional trip to Las Vegas his actual casino gambling is quiet limited today. He continues to contribute to the gaming world with his insights and solutions for enhancing a gaming that has become so popular among the masses. He also hosts a blackjack forum named Don's Domain as yet another channel of getting his message across to an audience located world wide

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