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The Double Deck Game of Blackjack at the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin

On August 13th, 2008, for enthusiasts of double-deck blackjack, there is both good and bad news coming from the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin. The good news: Players can now double down on any pair of cards and double down after dividing. The ace cards may be divided only once and only a single hit on each ace card. The blackjack dealer hits on a soft seventeen, which is a good thing for the casino.

The casino edge on blackjack, assuming that the blackjack player uses the basic technique is less than five percent, which makes the game, from a mathematical point of view, one of the best blackjack variation games that you can find at any casino facility in the country. The bad news: The minimum wager is not $25, $50 or even $100. At this blackjack variation, you have to pay the minimum of $200 per card hand with a limit of $10,000. Anyone that can afford the needed stakes will be given with a game that can be compared to the games played in Las Vegas.

The Double-deck blackjack games have been feature before at some casino facilities in the country, but the good points of playing the game have been erased by the bad house rules, like being allowed to double down only on ten and eleven and not allowing any doubling down after dividing. Mark Blackman, the director of table game operations at the Grand Victoria said that it is considered to be a pitch game, which means that the cards are given out from the hand of the dealer and the participants get to hold their cards.

A machine is responsible for shuffling the cards. Advanced players will fully appreciate that three quarters of the one hundred four cards will begin out before a new shuffle. Blackman said that they are not looking to let it go pas half a deck of cards or twenty-six cards but it will go down to that before shuffling. He added that the usual casino rule of no entry during mid-game will not be enforced.

This variation of blackjack is enjoyed in a plush, high roller area with a custom made table for just six players compared with the usual blackjack table that can accommodate seven players.


Thursday, September 04 , 2008
Tim Arnell