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The Double Exposure / Face-Up 21 / Dealer Disclosure Blackjack Variation

Double Exposure is relatively a new blackjack variation, thus making it more exciting to both professional and novice players. The Double Exposure variation is mainly played online and you may encounter it under others names such as Face Up 21 or Dealer Disclosure. The main difference between Double Exposure and the "traditional" blackjack variant is that the dealer cards are faced up.

Thought this is clearly an advantage the casino makes sure to remove it by implying new rules, these increase the casino edge even higher than in other variants of blackjack. The house edge shifts from 0.26% to 1.47%. In the online version of Double Exposure the cards are shuffled in each new round, thus making card counting marginal, which also explains the high house edge.

Usually the following rules are put to use by the casinos in Double exposure:
All ties are considered as a lost and your bankroll goes to the dealer, except for blackjack. Blackjack pays 1 to 1 but after splitting the cards blackjack is not paid. Also you cannot hit after doubling. Player may split once and no more than once and the dealer hits/stands on 17. Notice that you cannot surrender in this blackjack variation.

The exact rules can be be seen at our double exposure rules page, though they may vary among the online and base land casinos. take your time and look at the rules or go back and read about the other online blackjack sections with information about the differnt variants, strategies, systems and guides.

David Hunch, Editorial Staff