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Dwek Owes $1.1 Million To Former Owner Of His Floating Casino

Solomon Dwek's company has owned a floating casino called Excalibur. The floating casino is earning profits mostly from blackjack games, but also from slot machines and roulette.

Dwek's 116-foot floating casino is legal. The price for the boat was $2.5 million and Dwek is willing to pay that amount. Dwek's loan was on rocks for some time now. The company of Dwek is reaching bankruptcy. Soon after that Dwek had sold the floating casino that offers blackjack and transformed the floating casino into a floating strip club.

The floating casino builder still needs $1.1 million from Dwek. Dwek's still owes this much and he is still willing to pay. Dwek bought the floating casino for $2.5 million from Winston Knauss, 64, of Miami Beach. Knauss is the former owner and builder of the casino boat, which was sold to Dwek in 1998. Knauss said, "I've been trying to collect the money ever since I sold the boat to him."

Dwek's floating casino mainly offers casino games such as blackjack. More blackjack tables were installed inside the floating casino. It is one of the best things the floating casino has to offer. Players want to come to his floating boat to experience a game of blackjack.


Monday, September 11 , 2006
Kim Watson