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Employees Going Back To Work At Mississippi Casinos

Casinos are back from Biloxi to Gulfport to Bay St. Louis. August 25, 2005 hurricane Katrina destroyed 12 gambling casinos. That was 45 percent of Mississippi's gaming market.

Casinos in Mississippi are the lifeblood of the state. Casinos have been licensed since 1992, when state residents voted to have casinos built in their state. Since then, profits from casino games have been part of the state's economy. 29 casinos have been declared as state-regulated casinos, half of the 29 casinos came from the coast and the other half came from along the Mississippi River. Many dreams were shattered along with the hurricane.

A year of the disaster, one by one casinos are coming back to business. Six casinos reopened last fall and more will follow to reopen their casinos to the public. People are starting to go back playing blackjack and other casino games.

Tavarius Davis, 30 years old resident of Biloxi said, "People go in the casinos and gamble their FEMA checks away, hoping to get out of debt. But they bring in jobs and they bring in tourists. There's good and bad to them." The most glamorous and largest casino, the Beau Rivage, will reopen Tuesday, August 29.

People working at the casinos stopped working after the disastrous hurricane Katrina, but now since casinos are starting to reopen, people are going back to dealing blackjack cards once more.

"They're revenue, and we need them. My husband and I both lost our jobs. A lot of people did. People depend on them for paychecks. When the casino closed, it changed people's whole lives." A statement came from Lynn Standfuss, 40, from Waveland, a supervisor from one of the casinos.


Wednesday, November 15 , 2006
Thomas Johnson