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Excapsa Buying Software Development Company To Launch Blackjack Line

Candian group is still looking for a software development company. Excapsa Software Inc. is looking to purchase a casino software constructor. A plan to launch an online blackjack tournament is set upon finding the right developer of the software.

The blackjack tournament is aimed to start in the third quarter of this year, succeeding the current launch of poker games that can be played on mobile phones. The blackjack game will have its turn to develop into an online game or most probably on mobile phones too.

Jim Ryan, chief executive, said in an interview this week, "We are actively pursuing casino software - we would like to buy a casino software developer and extend our offerings."

Excapsa Company has detailed their pre-tax earnings of $16.8 million for the six months to the end of July after the downfall of $431,000 a year ago; it was a turnaround for Excapsa. Excpasa is listed on London's AIM exchange.

Their good fortune changed when they rearranged a licensing agreement for poker software with eWorld. eWorld is the administrator of A 27 percent increase in their net income inspired them to do the same with blackjack.

Ryan appeals his concern regarding the court actions on former BetOnSports chief executive David Carruthers. "We are quite bullish and optimistic the (U.S. anti-online gambling) legislation will not pass in this session of Congress." Ryan assumes that the U.S. will pursue legislation to control online gaming rather than to pursue banning it completely.


Tuesday, September 12 , 2006
Victor Sanchez