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The Extreme 21 Blackjack Variation

Extreme 21 is a blackjack variant with special attributes that offer you an exciting game, but if you're more into money than fun then you should skip this one, because its house edge is triple than other, more traditional, blackjack variants. If you decided that you want to play this game although the high house edge of this game them you should know that this game is similar in many ways to the traditional blackjack with one crucial differences - the dealer doesn't stand. I should also mention that you can choose one of our blackjack games since most of them support that variant.

In Extreme 21 players compete against the dealer at their turn, it's a one on one game, and the dealer keeps on hitting until he wins or goes bust, whatever comes first. Since the dealer is compelled to hit until he beats the player there is no push at this blackjack variant. You may double and re-double (if the casino allows it), also you can re-split as much as you'd like, which gives you some free room for card counting (if you play at a land based casino that doesn't shuffle after each card is dealt), but you may not re-split Aces..

Notice that all players' 21 hands win, these are paid 1:1, but blackjack pays 1:1 as well, this is the casinos' way to increase their edge without you noticing it. Remember, Extreme 21 is a blackjack variant that is meant to be played for fun, if you would like to earn money from it you should choose other blackjack variants that offer you special payouts, such as Blackjack Bonus or Triple 7's.

Article was written by Edi Goldstein, Editorial Staff.