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Effectively Manage Your Fixed or Replenishable Bankroll

Iis your bankroll fixed or is it replenishable?

A fixed bankroll is a bankroll that is not refillable by any means other than gambling. This is your only savings and the only way to add to the bankroll is by gambling. This is how you pay your bills. Without this money, you don’t eat. You are a professional blackjack player. This doesn’t mean you’re good, it means this is how you make your money – or lose it.A replenishable bankroll is one that is refillable by your primary source of income. You have a primary job that replenishes your bankroll ; the income from your job is what pays the bills. You’re an amateur or semi-professional blackjack player who supplements (or diminishes) your money by gambling or blackjack.

The fixed bankroll gambler must operate with a different mindset than the replenishable bankroll gambler. The replenishable bankroll gambler would be wise to follow the guidelines in our article on bankroll management to ensure that his gambling habit doesn’t cut into his income or savings. For him, after all, gambling is a hobby or a supplement – not a career.

The fixed bankroll gambler needs to understand that the next play may very well determine if he can pay rent or eat the next meal. The stakes are much higher for the fixed bankroll gambler. He must play more conservatively and can only take big risks when the count is high. As far as bankroll size goes, the bigger the better. It’s difficult – almost impossible – to succeed with a small bankroll because he depends entirely on his bankroll to survive.

The bottom line: keep a steady job until you amass a six-figure bankroll. Then, if you’re got the guts, quit your job and become a professional blackjack player.

Lou "Chubs" Huntingford