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Gaming Analysts Protests Crown Casinos New Blackjack Rule

Gaming experts said on November 3rd, 2009 that small bettors are being treated like mugs by the Crown Casino. Crown officials have scaled down the blackjack payout on $5 to $10 tables on the public gambling floor. But the blackjack payout odds in the high-roller rooms remain the same.

Gaming experts say that the decision of Crown will place millions of dollars annually into the coffers of the casino at the expense of common punters. Ron Parsons, the proprietor of the teaching school stated that if you are not a professional gamer you might as well give your wallet at Crown Casino's reception desk when you arrive to play blackjack.

As of last week, players getting "blackjack"-an Ace with a ten point card-are paid the odds of six-five instead of the usual three-two (six-four) odds. The change in the rule means a gamer who gets a blackjack with a $100 wager wins another $120 instead of the usual $150. Last year, Crown Casino almost doubled its odds of winning on the roulette wheels by placing an extra house number.

Mr. Parson said that with the recent introduction of automatic shuffle machines, winning on the game of blackjack is next to impossible. Another rule change at Crown Casino requires the dealer in blackjack to "hit" on "soft seventeen", which means that the house gets a final opportunity to win instead of paying out blackjack players holding cards valued at eighteen-twenty-one. Parsons said that none of these new measures apply in the VIP high-roller blackjack rooms because they could never force this rule to VIP's.

Parsons said that VIP's, who are mostly of Asian origin, would head out in droves if this rule is force to them. Parsons added that the new rule is created to rip off money from amateur blackjack players. But Crown spokesperson Gary O'Neill said that the latest change in the rules of blackjack had been given the go signal by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation.

O'Neill said that the commission given their approval to the rule change and the odds are clearly shown on their blackjack tables. Crown Casino is also set to cash in on a highly controversial agreement with the Brumby Government that will see it given an extra one hundred fifty blackjack, roulette and baccarat casino tables.


Monday, November 23 , 2009
Emma Green