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Gold Series Of Blackjack Released

An upgraded blackjack game was launched by Microgaming powered online casinos on July 31st. The new improved blackjack will be unmatched by any other casino platform. Online blackjack gamers are in for a luxury deal with the release of Gold Series Blackjack.

Microgaming has launched four never before seen blackjack games that improve upon the realism of online blackjack games. The four Gold Series games are: 1. Atlantic City Blackjack Gold 2. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold 3. Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold 4. European Blackjack Gold (2 deck)

The management of the new released blackjack games said that the graphics are truly magnificent and that true simulation of the real blackjack surrounding is getting close to reality.

Gambling is now taken to the next level with the help of the new improved blackjack series. The game play is smooth and it has a speedy play. All the graphics are awesomely executed; the quality of the digital sound and music is superb plus the valuable player aids, controls and tools are run by advanced software from Viper.

The game rules stay the same so the blackjack players won't be confused.

"The appearance of articulate icons, card flips and chip movements are some of the most impressive animations I have seen in any casino game online, and I have seen a few" said Ryan D, editor at Online Gambling Insider


Saturday, September 02 , 2006
Thomas Johnson