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Gov. Mitch Daniels Open to the Idea of Card Counting

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is hoping that a proclaimed card counter who has been blocked from entering an Ohio River casino can soon be back playing at the blackjack tables.

Gov. Daniels utilized the story of lawsuit against Thomas Donovan, which has reached the Indiana Supreme Court, in telling graduates at Franklin College over the weekend about utilizing skill to change the odds in one's favor. Gov. Daniels said that Thomas Donovan's sin the eyes of casino officials is not that he is incredibly luck, but he is very smart.

Gov. Daniels said that he has taught himself to count cards as they are deal out by the dealer, then quickly but correctly calculate the chances on his winning the next card hand. In a casino game where luck still plays a big part, Thomas Donovan has learned to increase his chances through hard work and patience.

The Grand Victoria Casino and Resort at Rising Sun banned Donovan from entering their premises of their casino in 2006. Donovan, who is a retired computer programmer from Indianapolis, said that he had won about $65,000 dollars from playing blackjack since 1999.

The state Supreme Court heard the arguments regarding the case last month, with the Grand Victoria Casino arguing that it has the right to decide to do or not to do business with any individual.

State rules do not prohibit card counting and since Donovan filed his case against the Grand Victoria, several casino facilities have petitioned the Indiana Gaming Commission to permit them to exclude players that are suspected of using card counting.

Gov. Daniels said on May 25th, 2010 that he would not ask the Indiana Commission to create a rule allowing card counting. He said that if the commission decides on its own to review the rule, he would not discouraged them from doing so.


Emma Green - Wednesday, July 28 , 2010