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Griffin Investigations

The Griffin Investigation Company is a group of private detectives working mainly for the gambling industry established in April 1967. It is managed by Mr. Robert R. Griffin and his wife Beverley. They provide sophisticated surveillance systems that use advanced biometric algorithms to detected known blackjack card counters. They also provide special reports containing information such as the Griffin Books.

These contain photographs and data regarding hundreds of known blackjack players that use card counting systems. This data has been collected Griffin Investigations' detectives throughout casinos all over the world.

Griffin Investigations also provide bulletins that are available several times every month concerning special incidents with card counters. This system of bulletins is used to update casinos with any event or people that they should be aware of. Most of the company's goal is to identify known subjects as they enter the casino using their refined surveillance system.

Griffin investigations are working for casinos all around the world for more than 30 years now; they had caught many blackjack counters. During the 80's Beverley Griffin's husband spotted Ken Uston talking to members of his blackjack team outside of a downtown Vegas casino. The Griffins recognized the faces he was talking to as blackjack players that seemingly had no connection with him. They soon understand what was going on and they reported this to casinos all over the US, and that was the end of Ken Uston's blackjack team.

The company also had part in catching the MIT blackjack team that scooped millions of dollars with advanced card counting systems that involved shuffle tracking techniques.

Nowadays the Griffin Investigation Company had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection as it faces many defamation law suits that have depleted the company's budget. One of the latest cases was made by two gamblers that accused that they were illegally detained and labeled as cheaters by Griffin's private detectives.

As for now the future of the Griffin Investigations Company is unknown but it is clear that its presence is notable in the history of blackjack.

By David Hackman, Editorial Staff. 31th of January, 2006.