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GSN Was Sued By Ultimate Blackjack Tour

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour sued the Game Show Network in an effort to block the cable network from airing the running World Series of Blackjack. Ultimate Blackjack Tour claims to have created the concept for the show will air on CBS this fall.

Earlier this week, August 10, the lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. An implied contract was breached by GSN. The GSN was allegedly sued by Ultimate Blackjack Tour for producing its latest incarnation of World Series of Blackjack by lifting elements of what the UBT has specified as its "novel" blackjack methodology.

The format of "elimination blackjack" that the UBT registered to the United States Patent and Trademark Office has features such as elimination rounds and secret bets as non-traditional elements.

What UBT wants is a permanent injunction that stopps GSN from running its show in the current form that it has now. Aside from barring the show, they also request for monetary compensation.

GSN refused to comment on the matter at hand, instead it gave a short written statement Friday, August 18, that says, "This lawsuit is completely baseless and without merit and we will be vindicated in court."

Ultimate Blackjack Tour has a two-season contract with CBS. The show goes on live on channel CBS Sports' every Saturdays afternoon that will begin September 16, 2006.


Thursday, August 31 , 2006
Thomas Johnson