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Harrahs 14 Percent Blackjack Popularity Making It A Trendsetter

Gamblers of Harrah's Entertainment tend to be trendsetters. According to a survey made of recreational gamblers in the United States, gamblers set a new trend that they now approve licensed casinos in their states. One interesting development from the survey shows that 14 percent of gamers have chosen blackjack as their favorite game on the table.

Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. president and CEO Gary Loveman said, "Just as gamblers like to try new activities, they also tend to first buy new products and to tell their families and friends about the experience. And no doubt, they have shared the news about the great times they have enjoyed in casinos."

Gamblers set blackjack as one of the most played table game in the casino; Harrah's management would like to consider giving blackjack the popularity the way poker has been popular with gamers.

For an educated player, blackjack gives the best bet of going away from the casino as a winner. And, when the gambler become capable at the game, he can actually turn the tables on the casino and he'll have the edge at winning.

One player of blackjack has mentioned that one time he had cashed in for about $50,000 at one table of blackjack. Blackjack is learned by the players from the day they start to hold cards at the casino blackjack table.

14 percent is not a high percentage to encourage more players to try blackjack against other games at the casino. However, blackjack is gaining popularity with gamblers spending more time and money on each blackjack table, making a trend of playing blackjack.


Wednesday, October 04 , 2006
Victor Sanchez