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Biography of Henry Tamburin

Henry Tamburin has voiced his opinions, advice, complaints and praises over the years through every media method imaginable – TV, radio, newspaper columns, books, articles, videos and his website. Henry’s pearls of wisdom can currently be located amongst the pages of Casino Player Magazine; Midwest Gaming & Travel Magazine; Gaming South Magazine; Southern Gaming Magazine; New England Gaming News; Jackpot and Bingo Bugle; and through his editing work of the Blackjack Insider e-Newsletter. Throughout his career he has produced and published over 800 articles as well as appearing in three casino videos aimed at instructional education in gaming, and a number of books such as Blackjack: Take the Money and Run, The 10 Best Casino Bets, Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling, and 109 Ways to Beat the Casinos to name a few. If this wasn’t enough in terms of sources of information Tamburin also runs a 2 day seminar course teaching the Speed Count blackjack games counting method, and can also be seen on CBS’ Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

Henry Tamburin’s fortes are blackjack and video poker, for both of which he strongly advocates advantage playing. Tamburin understands the workings of the casinos, and the ways around them; he is an expert in all the major methods of card counting, but also shares his expertise in the more conventional areas of the games such as bankroll management and simple winning strategies. His books are aimed at assisting regular people in winning. Tamburin in no way advocates cheating, but rather is dedicated to the punter getting the fairest of advantages.

Life has never been all about the casinos though for Tamburin; Henry Tamburin has a doctorate degree in Chemistry and a strong background in Mathematics – he never actually picked up the taste for gambling until 1968 when he visited Las Vegas whilst studying for his Doctorate at the University of Maryland. Legend has it that as he was waiting for his wife to check them into the hotel and he played a hand or two of blackjack to wile away the time, subsequently loosing all his money. The story goes that at that point he vowed to learn about the game and study it’s intricacies before returning to the table. This turned out to be the case, and in fact Henry worked for 30 years in a managerial position in a chemical company – it was only on retirement that Tamburin has dedicated more and more time to his casino interests. He also enjoys spending time with his 3 grandchildren who live close to his home on the Gulf Coast of Alabama which he shares with his wife Linda. When he is not in Alabama he is in his second home in Vegas which he denotes as his ‘Party House’, stating that it was paid for entirely with casino winnings.

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