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Hot Hand Advantage DVD and Practice Game for Blackjack Players

The Hot Hand Advantage DVD and Practice Game, the worlds most anticipated instructional Blackjack strategy was recently launched by Hot Hand Advantage, the most aggressive Blackjack system.

The blackjack code was successfully cracked by the DVD and game, teaching players how to beat Vegas by breaking down, step-by-step, the intimidating art of card counting as well as illuminating the most innovative Blackjack strategy taught by Brett "The Mechanic" Granstaff.

The founder and CEO, Brett Granstaff, said that their goal is to teach players how to beat Vegas the Hot Hand Advantage way."We are educating Blackjack players around the globe and highlighting what has made Blackjack the most played game in history -- it's fun, it's fast -- it's Vegas." Granstaff continued.

Granstaff formed an early love for the game, was fascinated and perfected the methods of legendary card counter, Edward O. Thorpe. Granstaff was a natural with an insatiable appetite for winning who crafted the most aggressive system of card counting, Hot Hand Advantage.

To film the instructional DVD, Granstaff hit the Blackjack tables on the floor of the Riviera Hotel and Casino - the first ever to ever be filmed on the floor of a working Las Vegas Casino.

The Hot Hand Advantage instructional DVD and computer game was developed by Granstaff to teach users the hard line skills needed to beat dealers at the toughest tables in the country from the Vegas veteran to the Blackjack novice.


Monday, July 24 , 2006
Tim Arnell