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International Casino Dealers Academy Launches Blackjack, Roulette DVD

On October 22nd, 2007, the International Casino Dealers Academy has made a program on the DVD that will permit people to be a casino dealer by learning dealing skills event at your own home. The only option nowadays is to enroll in a casino dealer school. These schools usually charge a lot of money.

Being a dealer is a good job because dealers can earn about $100,000 annually aside from benefits. You can also be a dealer regardless of your age, race or educational background. You only need to be good with dealing with people.

One of the developers of the program Allen Karol commented that being a good casino dealer is important and there are good opportunities that you can explore. Karol said that it was a real dilemma on finding people that are good enough to become dealer. He was the one who have opened the poker room at the MGM Grand Casino and established MGM's school to teach casino dealers. The gaming industry is growing all over the world.

More than $600 billion was spent by gamblers in United States casinos last year. It is the right time to take advantage of the opportunity in the casino industry. The blackjack program made by the International Casino Dealers Academy will greatly help those people that want to be a blackjack, poker and roulette casino dealer.

The International Casino Dealers Academy was organized by casino and production officials who thought that there is a good way to attract people to work at the casino industry. Company head, Philip Ittleson commented that the casino dealing industry needed to be improved.

The aim of their DVD is to teach would be casino dealers the right skills in dealing with little cost. Casino facilities usually hire employees by an audition. Applicants seat at a table and deal while a casino official looks on.


Monday, November 05 , 2007
Thomas Johnson