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Introduction to Online Blackjack

Hello and welcome! Let us introduce you to Online Blackjack - the online casino game that is considered to be most popular everywhere around the world. Online Blackjack is a very attractive, dynamic and interesting game that is favoured by many players because it involves good chances and complicated strategies. In a way, effectiveness of playing Online Blackjack reflects the player's skill and wit and presents a formidable challenge to the players which is why this game is so loved among them

Blackjack is a table game that is played with a deck of 52 cards. Online Blackjack evolved from Casino Blackjack and changed throughout the years of struggle between the players and the casinos. Nowadays most casinos will offer Blackjack with multiple decks as opposed to just one. Our blackjack history page provides an insightful account of evolution of Blackjack throughout last century and includes an explanation on why the casinos prefer multiple deck games nowadays.

Online Blackjack has a multitude of variations and modified rules. Different online casinos will offer you slightly varying versions of the game, so be sure to study the game manual for that particular online casino and notice the small but very important differences. If you are in doubt you should first and foremost consult the online casino support personnel which is often very knowledgeable about every little detail of the game. As the game rules are a rather complicated issue, we have dedicated a separate page to playing the game.

There are also variations of blackjack that for some reason became so popular or important that they can be seen as distinct games with a life of their own. For example, online blackjack tournaments and jackpots which are different and so is the blackjack switch variation for instance. In real life casino's special rules are always clearly marked on the table. Online casinos provide game manuals for that purpose.

In classic incarnations of online blackjack you will always play against the dealer. In most cases the dealer is the computer which is built around a sophisticated device called a random number generator. Random number generators or RNGs for short are designed to provide fairness in gameplay and imitate real game conditions as close as possible. Lately online casinos also provide live games in which you play against a live dealer on video, with real cards on a real blackjack table. There are also multiplayer games and tournaments that online casinos offer to their patrons and they prove to be one of the best entertainment pleasures you'd ever get in an online casino. If you are familiar with the standard rules needed to play online, check our top online blackjack casinos list for blackjack tables with high payouts, bonuses and other special features.

Generally speaking, Blackjack is competing against the dealer yet there is, however, one very important difference from other games: dealer is actually deprived of making any choices during the game and plays by rules that are different from those that apply to you. The rules prescribe exactly how the dealer behaves in each game situation. Neither a human dealer nor the computer have any freedom to make game decisions even though the game is built entirely around the next card coming into the player's hand. Blackjack is one of those games where you compete against the game rules. Don't worry if you don't understand this odd distinction right now: it comes with understanding of the inner magic of Blackjack and its advanced strategies

Blackjack also doesn't have a betting table unlike most of other games. There's only one way to bet and no choices or alternatives related to bets or influencing the betting options except for the table limits. The game is play-centric; that is, it revolves around the play time decisions as opposed to bet time decisions (though proper betting is an important part of Blackjack strategies).

Competing against the dealer is about beating the dealer under a certain number of conditions and circumstances. We explain how to play Online Blackjack in our Blackjack Rules page.