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James Campfield Participates in The Split Blackjack Event

Even top blackjack players need a lot of luck to succeed. Frisco native and blackjack player James Campfield hopes that his luck will help him succeed in his chosen field. He joined Winstar Casino's "The Split" Blackjack Event after a friend received an entry chip and gave it to him.

He is able to advance to the final event that will happen on August 16th, 2008. He is just one of the twenty-eight players fortunate enough to advance to the final event from a starting field of 1,000 hopefuls. Aside from receiving the chance to win $2 million, he is also given a television exposure. The event will be shown in either ABC or ESPN as a reality show hosted by Boston Rob and Michele Merkin called "The Split" which will start in June 2008. Campfield has been enjoying poker and blackjack since he was fourteen years old.

He said that his wife Amy is very happy for his big break and more nervous than he is about the contest. Campfield participated in the 2nd of five $1 million monthly mega events at the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, on April 11. The top 6 players from each division get random cards and the player with the smallest card picks another top participant to challenge.

The loser will be grouped with the pool of other losers and one will be given a chance to participate in the championship. The winners of the monthly mega events will be taken on a shopping spree and will receive an opportunity to visit a wine facility.


Wednesday, May 21 , 2008
Tim Arnell