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King Of Nepal Finds Comfort In Playing Blackjack Online

Nepal's 60-year-old monarch king has been playing online blackjack. The report came on July 31 that King Gyanendra is enjoying some time with online blackjack games. The King has admitted that he is somewhat of a gambler and that he likes to play blackjack until midnight.

King Gyanendra is facing some pressure lately. He might lose his hereditary crown to the hands of public restlessness. The King surely know where to turn in times like this, a diversion that online blackjack can give.

The King is attempting to restore the generation of all-powerful Nepalese kings and it seems that he is likely to cease after a nationwide rebellion. Forcefully, the King handed over his power to a multi-party government. His allowance was cut-off and the Nepalese parliament privileges have been confined.

Having to face sleepless night, the King has been playing blackjack online in long sessions. The King has been reportedly playing blackjack until the early hours of the morning every night.

Employees at the palace have been unhappy with staying awake all night to serve the Kings need while playing online blackjack.

No one can really tell whether this is another political attack on the King, but the King could not escape the problem with late night blackjack games.


Monday, September 04 , 2006
Emma Green