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Ralph Ventola is one the premium players of blackjack. Any ultra rich business man like Ventola can spend millions of dollars several times a year. Ralph Ventola, who runs a fleet of cars for funerals, is playing blackjack with friends Nick Varano and Frank DePasquale, a restaurant and nightclub owner.

Expert blackjack players don't call the reservations line; they often call their casino host. At this point, it is Frank Playo, their host. The three premium players were greeted at the casino by Frank Playo.

Ventola dreams about gambling and now he desire blackjack. Ventola spread $3,000 on the table. After doubling his money he'll go on the next bet. He calls it progressive betting. Nothing beats a run of good cards that will keep him winning on the blackjack table. Within a few minutes of playing blackjack his money is up by a thousand, its now $4,000 a hand.

Like Ventola, Verano smiles and announces; "Now I want to gamble." Verano gamble a few games of blackjack. DePasquale now laid $10,000 from his credit line.

Players of blackjack treat money as toys when they are at the blackjack table. Varano lost an enormous amount over blackjack. He said, "You always remember the losses more than wins because the losing stories are so much better."

DePasquale said on his way out the casino, "You wake up in the morning and start going crazy gambling, call me. I'll wire you some money."


Monday, September 18 , 2006
Tim Arnell