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Biography of Max Rubin

Max Rubin has been frequenting casinos for over 35 years, and has become a leading light in the online blackjack world as well as a highly revered expert by those who are in the know.

Max Rubin’s book Comp City: A Guide to Free Gambling Vacations is a fascinating read that teaches how to play the system. If followed, his advice will teach you how to appear like you playing more than you actually are, enabling you to benefit from all the perks that go with big rollers, including complimentary beverages and refreshments, free accommodation, and believe it or not, even airfares!

Television is a comfortable zone for Max Rubin who has appeared on a number of shows including CBS’ 48 Hours. He also appeared as commentator for season one and two of the GSN World Series of Blackjack, and co-hosts the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Being one of only 12 members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, one of only eight living, to be found at the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino, Max Rubin proudly hosts the Annual Blackjack Ball; a highly secretive and exclusive event where the best Blackjack players of the time fight it out for the Blackjack Cup and the title of World Best Blackjack Player.

Max Rubin’s resume includes consulting work for many of the largest names in the casino world including Hilton Casinos and Mirage resorts; however his expertise in ‘advantage playing’ is forever promised to advising the Barona Casino’s employees. Rubin has a laissez faire attitude to such activities as Card Counting, Sequencing, and Signatures; he assumes that most people do it wrong anyway and so it is not in the Casino’s best interests to waste time and energy on players using these practices. However, Rubin does skillfully train the employees of the Barona Casino to identify these practices and advices them on tactics to deal with them.

On a somewhat more personal level, Max Rubin is available for lectures and symposiums, billing out at a meager $4,000-$5,000 per event – plus dinner, of course! If that isn’t enough Rubin experience for you however, you may employ him as a Casino Escort. As part of the evening you will treat him to dinner and a show, for both of which he will secure you the best seats and the best service. Following the dinner and entertainment he will escort you to a casino and give you basic tips on your gambling and playing. All of this is available for a mere $5,000 and dinner for Max and his lovely wife Joann, or 20% of all your casino winnings provided you are betting with more than $500 per hand – but with Max Rubin at your side you are sure to find it’s worth ever cent.

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