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Michael Trentalange Represents Losing Seminole Blackjack Players Against Seminole Casino

There has been a legal trouble stewing over what some view as illegal gaming going on at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino facility. That is because the banked card games like blackjack that are offered by the tribe are in violation of state law after the gaming compact signed by Gov. Charlie Crist with the Seminole Indian tribe was dismissed by the Florida State Supreme Court because Gov. Crist did not asked the state legislature's permission on the agreement.

But a spokesperson for the Seminoles says that the Department of Interior, which oversees tribal gaming, ruled that the gaming compact is legal. The Seminole tribe said that what they are doing follows with federal law. Attorney Michael Trentalange said that without a gaming compact, what is going on at the Seminole casino facility is illegal.

That is the reason why Trentalange is suing to recover losses of more than $15,000 by two of his clients. Trentalange said on March 29th, 2010 that a statute dating back in 1930's and 1940's gives players, their families and even their widows the chance to recover gaming losses if the gaming was done in violation of state gaming laws.

While it seems logical to file the lawsuit against the gaming facility where the players lost their money but that is not possible because the Seminole Indian tribe is considered a sovereign nation.

Instead, the losing players are going after the individuals with deep pockets who they say are supporting an illegal endeavor. The defendants on the lawsuit are Clear Channel Outdoor for billboards advertising blackjack at the Seminole Casino, Bally Technology which tracks the winnings and losses of players and Chipco International which manufactures the chips. The three groups refused to comment on the lawsuit for the meantime.

But the players better hope that they do not get individuals on the jury like Isabella Massaro. Massaro said that she does not understand why they are coming to the casino if they do not want to lose money. But Trentalange said that he believes that they have a good case and they hold the winning hand.


Monday, May 10 , 2010
Victor Sanchez