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Microgaming Launches Multiplayer Blackjack Event and Hitman Slot Games

On September 4th, 2008, Microgaming announced that their brand new Multiplayer Blackjack Tournament and Hitman Slot games will be launched at the Barcelona 7th annual EIG Expo that will happen this September 2008. The internet blackjack and slot events feature state-of-the art software together with a unique design that will give a good gaming experience to players, as well as an enticing gaming opportunity for brand new players.

In a vital development, the Microgaming Multiplayer Blackjack Event and Hitman Slot software features a wide array of features like the option of both scheduled and Sit'n'Go events, tabbed event information that can be seen by the player in the main gaming lobby and interesting graphics. The Multiplayer Slot events has a fast game pace with widely recognized Hitman game, in addition to games like Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Avalon, Loaded and Thunderstruck, giving players the chance to win big money while being fully entertained at the same time.

To appeal to the more advance players, Microgaming have ensured that the Blackjack events are of high-quality, thereby imitating a multiplayer experience. A brand new feature now available to gaming operators other than Sit'n'Go events are Sit'n'Go card counting events that give more discerning games with the opportunity to get the edge. All scheduled Sit'n'Go events are fully displayed in the player Main Gaming Lobby and a set number of card hands per round are shown in the Hand Map.

Blackjack events are synchronized to make faster players will not be eliminated unfairly. Microgaming Chief Executive Officer Roger Raatgever said that they are always trying to come out with good games and they always try to meet the needs of their players.


Sunday, September 14 , 2008
Tim Arnell