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Microgaming Publicly Debuts Hitman Slots and Multiplayer Blackjack Event at the 7th EiG Expo

Microgaming, a leading web casino provider has announced that they will launched their brand new multiplayer blackjack event and Hitman slots at the 7th annual EiG Expo in Barcelona, Spain in September 2008. The expo will be held starting on September 23rd, 2008 until September 25th, 2008. The blackjack and slot events give high-class software, together with a unique design to give an overall enjoyable experience for players, as well as give another alternative for beginners.

The Microgaming Multiplayer blackjack event and Hitman Slot game features a wide array of interesting gaming features like scheduled and Sit'n' Go type events, tournament information that can be easily accessed by the player from the main gaming lobby and good graphics. The slot event software is immediately downloaded as part of the whole casino package so it is very simple to join events. All of the players are given the same amount of starting coins with all event wins adding to the Win Box balance.

Players can keep an eye on their progress with the leader board that features information regarding your position and your fellow players, the remaining participants, the win box, your remaining coins and the prize. At the end of the slot event, a summary screen will be available to show the overall results of the slots players aside from its position. Other good points of the slots game include the opportunity for players to make multiple re-buys and add during the events. Operators can also make their own schedule for private tournaments.

Aside from that, to attract more advance players, Microgaming has made sure that the blackjack events are of good quality so it could truly offer a good blackjack experience like what land-based casinos are offering. A interesting feature that are available for operators other than the usual Sit'n' Go tournaments are the Sit'n' Go card counting events that give a good player the opportunity to get a real advantage against the game.

The Chief Executive Officer of Microgaming, Mr. Roger Raatgever said that they are presently running thousands of events a day on the multiplayer tournament software of Microgaming. They are constantly trying to keep the edge on the online gambling offerings and their multiplayer software improvement continues to give a one-of-a kind design.


Monday, October 06 , 2008
Victor Sanchez