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MOTO Unveils Multi-Touch Casino Table Experience for Blackjack and Texas Holdem at Gaming Expo

MOTO Development Group unveiled on November 17th, 2009 a video of the world's first round multi-touch casino gaming table experience for the Global Gaming Expo 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The prototype casino games running on the table are Blackjack and Texas Holdem. Rather than placing individual screens in a traditional size blackjack table, MOTO's multi-touch blackjack idea create a one-of-a kind virtual casino table experience that automates the wagering process, physical cards and card shoes.

Yet gamers surround the table just like in traditional blackjack tables, thus retaining the aura of intrigue and the attraction of social interaction in gaming. Multi-touch single surface casino table games have the potential to give a way to online gaming for gambling facilities looking for more technology-savvy gamers who are increasingly becoming well-verse with gestural navigation.

Margeigh Novotny, the VP for MOTO Strategy and Experience said that gestural interface technologies are pushing the development of more fun gaming experiences on consumer electronics.

She said that they are also seeing more game using the gestural technology like in Wii. She added that they also work hard to perfect the invisible dimension of gaming experience in MOTO. Novotny said that this "Blackjack for Multi-Touch" prototype casino game experience is the clear evidence of the Development Group of MOTO's expertise in combining highly advanced multi-touch technologies with excellent user interfaces for high volume consumer electronics.


Monday, December 07 , 2009
Emma Green