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Blackjack's Basics - Multi Action

Land base casinos offer players the opportunity to place three bets at once against the dealer's hand. This is called Multi Action and it allows players to bet more every round. This option is favorable for blackjack players that use card counting techniques. But even though it is best used by card counters (such as Ken Uston) it is a part of blackjack basics and each player must learn what multi action tables are.

In multi action games the dealer deals each player one hand and to himself he deals three separate hole cards while he's up-card is used in all his other hands. Players can place bet against each one of the dealer's hands.

The dealer can hit or stand according to the blackjack rules he plays by and players must place their bets on the appropriate spots on the table (in online casinos it is more simple as you can simply click on the spot).

Basically speaking, if you haven't yet mastered all the basic blackjack knowledge along with advanced information such as doubling down strategy, splitting pairs strategy or even the basic blackjack strategy then you should not play in multi action games. Notice that majority of online blackjack games offers this option, if you want to play such games then you may go back and view one of our selected online blackjack casinos.

Sam Marshall - Editorial Staff. March 16th, 2006