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Multi Level Blackjack Card Counting

Multi level Blackjack Card Counting systems are a step up for the Blackjack player from single level counting systems as different cards have different values. Instead of just -1, 0 and 1 you now have 2 and -2 as well. This is harder to keep track but gives you valuable extra information for when playing blackjack.

You have a better idea whether to hit, stand or double and how much to bet. This can prove the difference between winning a little bit or winning a lot. Playing Blackjack could become your license to print money.

When counting cards you can’t keep track of every card which has come out of the shoe. That is impossible. Multi level card counting systems are as good as though. You are just not tracking the 10s and Aces but the key connecting cards such as the 3s and 5s.

The increase in complexity means that a multi level system is harder for the more inexperienced blackjack player to follow but with experience they can pick it up.

The main multi level systems would be the Zen and the Omega II, as explained below:

  • The Zen Count - assigns two points to 4, 5 and 6. One point to 2, 3 and 7. 8 and 9 is zero while Aces are worth -1. All tens are -2. The Zen count is a great card counting system but its biggest fallback would be that it makes it difficult to calculate the true count. Having the Ace included in the count gives it similar tendencies to the Hi-Lo.
  • The Omega II Count - varies slightly from the Zen. Aces are zero and 9s are worth -1. Apart from that all card values are the same. The problem with the Omega II count is its betting efficiency which is quite low. Most Blackjack software packages are indifferent about the benefits of the Omega II

You should only use a multi-level card counting system if you have practiced a lot with it and are very comfortable with it. Spend a lot of time playing blackjack for free perfecting it before you start playing for real money.

Victor Sanchez