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The Multiple Action Blackjack Variation

The rules for the multiple action blackjack variation are very similar to the traditional blackjack. The major difference between them is that in the multiple action variation, a player can bet up to three times on the same hand. the player actually plays three times with the same hand he was dealt.

The betting goes before the cards are dealt, but with an option to wager on each round. a player can choose to spend $30 for instance on those three rounds, but seperate his bets to $10 for each round. after you placed your bets the dealer will deal cards like in the traditional blackjack variation. you can now choose to either Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split. If you win the first round, the dealer will pay you the same amount of money you've placed your bet on for that round. If you loose, the bets of your first round will be taken from you. same rules, nothing different so far.

In the second round, the dealer keeps only his original upcard on the blackjack table and discard the rest of his previous card(s), unlike the player, which keeps all of his cards on the table. then the dealer draws his additional card(s) and may continue the round using the traditional house rules.

After the dealer has completed his round, he compares his and his player's hand (can be multiple players aswell), Pay they winning and tied hands and collect the chips of the loosing players in the second round. Third round has the same rules. After the third round is finished, the player looses his cards aswell and needs to place bets again to continue playing.