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How to Play Multiple Blackjack Hands

There are a number of boxes at the Blackjack table and in theory a single player could play all of them and have three bets in each box. That is a lot of betting and is just about the furthest thing from free blackjack as you could get. Is there any merit to playing multiple Blackjack hands? What does Blackjack strategy say about it? And if so, what is the best way to do it?

The thing about playing multiple Blackjack hands is that it allows you more control at the table. You are responsible for more than one hand and you can use all of your cards accordingly. You may win big or lose big which is a problem. Lets say the dealer is showing a 10. On anything from a 12-16 you are in troublem, between a rock and a hard place. You could bust on all of these hands before it even gets to the dealer and if you don’t take a card he will be good enough to beat you with 17.

How does playing multiple hands affect your net outcome? If you were playing one box of $20 you would either stand-off, win $20, win $30 with Blackjack, win $40 if you doubled or split or lose the $20 or $40. If you were playing two boxes of $10 there are now a whole number of possible scenarios but the only way you could win $20 is if you won both boxes on the same hand.

If you were playing heads-up against the dealer multiple hands may be a good way to go because it takes more cards out of the shoe. Ultimately though if you are playing good Blackjack and have a solid enough bankroll to work with this would be great Blackjack strategy.

Andrew Sanders - Managing Editor