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NetPlay Television to Launch Blackjack Channel

On May 7th, 2008, NetPlay Televisions publicly announced that they have given their consent to bought Channel 848 from Hollywood TV Limited in order to launch their brand new live blackjack offering by the end of this month. The buy-out comes following Sky Broadcasting's final decision not to debut any brand new channels at this point in time and is widely believes to be costing NetPlay Television in the range of $930,000.

Subjected to the approval of Sky, NetPlay Television said that it would finance the deal by releasing 2,375,000 new shares at 39 cents each as soon as possible. Martin Higginson, the Chairman and Chief Executive of NetPlay Television commented that thus development is another milestone for their business. He added that blackjack is one of the most well-known casino games on the Internet and on land-based casinos so it is only natural for them to launch the game on live television.

The brand new channel, aside from the organization's Sky Channel 847, will show live blackjack programs, a first for British players. Higginson commented that having a good channel aside from their live roulette channel will allow their customers to freely choose between the two channels. He added that with this development, it strengthens their hold in the industry and as a pioneer in interactive TV gaming.


Tuesday, May 27 , 2008
Emma Green