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Network Game Account Announces their New Blackjack Game

On March 20, 2007, the GameAccount Network announced that they have released a new blackjack game. GameAccount is considered the greatest provider of person-to-person games all over the world. They have created a unique version of Blackjack where players need to rely heavily on their own card counting techniques and use some of their own techniques to outwit and outlast their opponents in a real-time multiplayer Blackjack game.

GameAccount was also privileged enough to be short listed this year for a pair of eGaming Review Awards and launching the next-generation Blackjack tournaments, as well as other games which feature a multiplayer format, like Backgammon and Gin Rummy.

Kevin Dale, CEO of GameAccount, said that the multiplayer Blackjack game marks another chapter in their company's continued pursuance of excellence by taking the existing idea and making it a brand new exciting game that will surely be enjoyed by their players.

He added that they also held money tournaments, like poker tournaments, to motivate their customers. Once you join the multiplayer Blackjack game, you will be given an equivalent of $1,000 in your chip stack.

The player's main objective is making the stack bigger than their opponents on the 10 rounds of Blackjack cards that are given to the players and the online dealer. Compared to the usual online casino Blackjack game, a multiplayer Blackjack game encourages players to learn card counting and use any techniques and strategies while playing against their opponents online.


Monday, April 02 , 2007
Thomas Johnson