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North Carolina Authority Offers Million Blockbuster Together With Double Blackjack

On August 12th, 2008, the Million Blockbuster offer gamers more opportunities to win a prize compared with any other North Carolina Education Lottery instant scratch ticket to date. It not only features ten prizes of $1 million, but it also gives players the opportunity to win $50,000 a year for life.

The North Carolina Lottery is shipping to its retailers the $130 Million Blockbuster game together with the Double Blackjack and $5,000 payday. The $130 million blockbuster is a $10 instant scratch-off ticket that gives an additional feature in which players have the opportunity to enter a drawing to win $50,000 annually for life with a minimum of twenty years guaranteed.

Players who scratch and discover a drawing symbol on the ticket have the opportunity to enter 1 of the 5 preliminary drawings. Two entries will be randomly drawn from each drawing to be entered to the final grand prize bonus drawing where a single entry will be drawn to win the grand cash prize of $50,000 a year for life.

The game also gives players ten opportunities to win $1 million, which are paid in twenty annual installments of fifty thousand. There are also more than 195,000 opportunities to win cash prizes between $100 and $50,000. More details on the drawings and the rules of the game can be found on retail locations and can be seen on the NCEL website at

The "Double Blackjack" is a $2 game with five top prizes of $21,000 plus other prizes between $2 and $1,200. Each ticket gives players ten opportunities to win in the game. If one of the hands of the player equals twenty-one, the player will take home double the prize stated on their ticket. The $5,000 payday is a one dollar game with eleven prizes of $5,000. It features more than eighteen thousand chances to win $50 or $200 prizes.

Players that will have a coin symbol will win $5 instantly. All of the North Carolina Education Lottery net proceed will be utilized for pre-kindergarten programs for at-risk youth in the community, reducing the class size in early grades, school construction and college scholarships.


Sunday, August 31 , 2008
Thomas Johnson