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Gambling licenses issued for online gambling operators in Denmark

The latest EU state to adopt the implementation of online gambling law is Denmark. Denmark has recently published the first list with the names of online operators to receive as gambling license for providing online gambling products.

According to the list, 38 online operators have been selected to obtain gambling licenses in the state of Denmark.

A few popular names in the list are Unibet, PokerStarts, 888, Betfair, Bwin.Party and PKR.

The licensing company in Malta has issued 20 licenses, from which 9 are designated to Denmark. 55 licenses have been granted by Denmark, resulting in the increase of the number of domains to 200. Online poker websites will operate from these domains.

The gambling licenses have been declared just before the online gambling legislation in Denmark, which will come into force starting with the 1st of January 2012.

The law was previously adopted by the parliament of Denmark and the EC (European Commission).