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Online vs Offline Blackjack

In this internet age we live in with wireless and blackberries you can play Blackjack every second of the day if that is what you desired. You could play Blackjack Online while sitting on the beach. There is a lot to like about online Blackjack where it is quick and easy but there is also something said for the old-fashioned way where you are sitting at a Blackjack table in the middle of a casino and you see the dealer take the cards out of the shoe with your own eyes. So which Blackjack is better? Does either give the player a superior Blackjack strategy?

First of all what has online Blackjack got going for it?

You can take as long as you want. You are sitting down in front of your computer and if you are playing at a private table you can take all day. You could call everyone you know and ask them if you should hit or stand. The dealer isn’t a human so they don’t care if you take forever.

Playing online blackjack allows you privacy. If you are one of those players who hates sitting down at the table with a lot of players and hates even more people watching over your shoulder and making comments than you will love online Blackjack. No one is there but you. Not even the dealer will answer back.

Lower limits help the more inexperienced players. There is no way you could go to Las Vegas and play Blackjack for a dollar a hand. With online Blackjack you can.

Online Blackjack means not having to trek out to a casino. Don’t have to worry about crowds and don’t have to worry about parking. No one blowing smoke in your face and on one sniggering behind your back. All very simple and easy.

You have options galore when it comes to online Blackjack. You just pick and play the one you want.

Bonuses is something which sets apart the online casinos as well. They have bonuses for a multitude of occasion and there is nothing better than playing with the house’s money.

So given all that why play blackjack at the casino have going for it? Why would you make the necessary effort to go to the casino?

Well nothing beats amassing a stack of real chips and touching them with your own hands. Well maybe cashing those chips and leaving the casino with a wad of cash. Knowing that you are going to wait for a transaction in your bank account simply isn’t the same.

As slight compensation casinos like to bring free drinks to Blackjack players. If you are playing at home and ask your wife for a drink its one you paid for yourself.

Casinos have to adhere to a set strict of rules to operate. Some of the shadier online casinos don’t and may be walking away with your money.

Sometimes Blackjack is about the atmosphere and there is nothing like the sights, sounds and smells of a real-life Blackjack table. The way everyone erupts when there is a huge hand and the dealer busts. Automated metallic cheering isn’t quite the same.

For the high rollers, you may feel constricted by the limits online casinos have. At real casinos you can go much higher and risk as much as you are prepared to do.

Kim Watson