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Playing Blackjack on the Internet

There are a couple of basic things a player needs in order to play blackjack over the internet. This article was written for new players that are not too familiar with computers and the basic things needed in order to be able to enter the online blackjack casinos. This article is very general and below there are issues to take care of before playing at online blackjack tables or tournaments.

The most basic element of online blackjack is your computer. No matter how good you are at land base casinos blackjack tables, this would add up to nothing if you can't even run the most simple online blackjack application. If you're reading this article it means that you already have an internet connection, which is essential to online blackjack games.

These are the basic computer requirements that would enable you to play online blackjack without problems. Most of these requirements are cheap and do not need much attention, but if you can afford to upgrade your computer then you should consider doing it before starting to play online blackjack.

Computer Hardware - You do not need to have the latest and fastest computer. a normal PC should do just fine. There is no need for a special graphic cards or a fast processing unit. Online blackjack tables are made to run on most personal computers. In addition, it is very likely that you will find information regarding the minimum performance required to operate their software.

Also, make sure that you have free memory on your hard drive. Some online blackjack casinos are downloadable, meaning you would need to save the blackjack-application onto your hard drive. Some online blackjack also make use of your Virtual Memory, so clean up your hard drive a bit before playing online blackjack.

Your computer requirements are not high but you would at least need a compatible PC computer. Most online casinos works from PC, little casinos offer the same services for Mac users. If you want to increase your range of choice then make sure you use a PC compatible computer.

Computer Software - Make sure that you have the latest Flash version that is offered by Macromedia since many online blackjack games are working on Flash technology. You can download the latest version of Flash from

There are other technologies on which online blackjack games use such as Shockwave, which is also available at Macromedia's website. There could be other requirements made by online blackjack casinos, but most of the times these casinos would add a link from which you can download the missing programs and applications so don't worry about it too much.

Internet Connection - To be able to connect to a blackjack server, you need to have an internet connection. There is no need to purchase a better internet connection for playing blackjack games, or any other casino game. Be sure that your Internet operator is reliable and that you have paid your monthly fee. It would be unpleasant if you would be cut off from your online blackjack game since you haven't paid your bills.

Just make sure that you have a high-speed internet connection. New versions of online blackjack games are now burdened with high texture graphics, rich sounds and chat programs. In order for the game to work smoothly and for you to enjoy the full experience you would need a medium-speed internet connection. It's very probable that what you have right now is most likely sufficient for connecting to the servers and playing without lags or delays.

Credit Card / Debit Card - Actually, today there are ways you can play blackjack online without directly giving information such as your credit cards number, using company services such as Wire Transfer, Fire Pay, Bank Draft, Neteller and other online paying methods. Although, the casinos still use it to verify your age, identification and other personal details.

There is no reason to be afraid about giving your credit card information to the casinos or the services provided by a third party companies. But if you prefer, most likely that they will also accept direct payments using a Debit Card and other Bank transfers. Some even allows you to deposit using Western Union.

If for some reason your credit card company refuses payments for casino gambling sites, I would consider using the third party payment options that I have talked about above. They will not charge you for their services.

Email Address - Internet casinos will require a valid Email address to keep you informed about your account status and updates of their services. you can use a free email provider such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Online Blackjack Software - The casino itself will instruct you on how and where to download the software you need. The software is absolutely free and usually gets automatically updated with the latest version.

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