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Playtech's Blackjack introduction and game rules

Playtech is the leading developer of software platforms for the online gaming industry and this is the reason why we advise our members to play only using their platform. It follows the European blackjack rules, as appeared below.

Playtech blackjack Rules

  • Playtech's blackjack is played with six standard decks (52 playing cards),
    which is shuffled after each round.

  • The dealer continue to draw cards untill he has a total of atleast 17, and then must stand.

  • Blackjack beats any other hand and pays 3:1

  • Hole card is not used.

  • Surrender is not offered.

  • Insurance bet would be the same price as half of your original bet and will pay 2:1,
    if the dealer has a blackjack.

  • Players can split only once and in equal value of the initial bet.
    Aces can draw only one card.

  • Doubling Down can be made on cards 9-11, on the initial hand and after a split.

  • House advantage is 0.46%

Playtech Blackjack Table
Playtech's blackjack table - contributed by Casino Las Vegas