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Producers Betting Big On CBSs Ultimate Blackjack Tour

The Ultimate blackjack Tour has a positive view from entertainment attorney Jon Moonves and producer Houston Curtis. They are betting high on the TV series Ultimate Blackjack Tour. They are hopeful that the show will be a cussess in the same fashion as the poker craze.

Ultimate Blackjack Tour is a tournament aired on television. It is the classic game of blackjack with a unique elimination element. The sole survivor will take all at the end of the first season. It's a combination of both a reality TV show and a casino game in one. Viewers can definitely enjoy watching the game and share the player's excitement.

Producers and backers of Ultimate Blackjack Tour have bankrolled over seven figures to budget the show. A total of 10 episode series will be aired starting from September 16 on CBS.

Moonves decided to produce a greater concept of blackjack reality game show than others are showing. "We knew if we talked about gaming shows, people would have in their mind shows that already exists. We knew ours would be a bigger show, with bigger productions values, and the best way to show that was to do it rather than describe it," he said.

Curtis on the other hand discussed the difference Ultimate Blackjack Tour has to offer that other blackjack TV show doesn't have. The elimination format would be very different. A 'survivor' will be known at the very end of the game. Players will be forced to think and decide smartly to survive the game. If they fail to do so, they are eliminated.


Sunday, November 19 , 2006
Thomas Johnson